Elsword: Evolution (CBT) Android GamePlay Trailer (By Siamgame Mobile)


Elsword: Evolution (CBT) Android GamePlay Trailer (By Siamgame Mobile)

Elsword: Evolution (CBT) Android GamePlay Trailer (By Siamgame Mobile)


Elsword Evolution brings the action-packed thrills of mega-hit Anime RPG Elsword to mobile devices. Jump in now and play for free against thousands of other plays across the globe.

Complete hundreds of 3D levels packed with waves of enemies to defeat. Upgrade your powers and unleash awesome power moves with incredible combat special effects. Choose your character, personalize your skills and upgrade your powers to smash your enemies with weapons and magic. Complete quests to win a mountain of treasure, gear and accessories on your quest to become the ultimate warrior.


Beat ’em up anime side-scroller with awesome 3D graphics
Experience blisteringly smooth 3D graphics and explosive skill effects. Hundreds of hours of fun await as you battle your way through an incredible adventure.

Choose your character to suit your style of play
Select from multiple character classes depending on your play style. Choose from ranged, melee and magic characters with their own signature combat moves and combo powers.

Dominate the global rankings
Play against millions of players from around the world to claim the #1 spot as global warrior champion.

Exquisite Fashion & the World’s First Live 3D-Avatar system
Complete quests and personalize your character with hundreds of fashion items and jewellery. Groundbreaking 3D-Avatar technology; with 11 kinds of fashion.

Awesome PvE Combat
Experience explosive PvE battles against hordes of enemies. Leap between platforms, smash your enemies and take on big end-of-level bosses to progress. Play special Gold and XP Quests to collect masses of coins and experience.

Summon incredible beasts into combat
Turn the tide of battle by training your own mount. Beasts include; Saiya Prul, Speed of Wind Raptor, Scorpion King, Nasde’s Robot and more. Use your Beast to shock your enemies into submission.

Clan Interactions
Join a Clan for Clan Assaults, Mines, Underground Treasure Warehouse and other kinds of gameplay. Take part in weekly large-scale clan Tournaments including Defend the Homeland, Mine Looting in more

Login daily for incredible rewards. After seven days send a free search team to find El classic Ice Gear. Login for 15 days and get one million Welfare, Purple Weapons and cool Light Wings!

Service Email: elswordmobile.en@gmail.com

Download link:

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  3. ada yang bisa bahasa indonesia ?? ini game butuh berapa total ruang penyimpanan ??

    saya coba di samsung galaxy tab 3v juga nggak bisa, tolong pencerahannya, terima kasih ☺


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