4. Tyrion and Shae


4. Tyrion and Shae

Tyrion and Bronn are so awesome together, they would fit right in a Tarantino movie. Here is episode four of the Tyrion and Bronn story.

This is from the first two season’s of the TV serie, please don’t post any spoilers from the books. I dislike spoilers, so spoilers will be deleted. Save me and you and few seconds and don’t post them.

– – – Only season 1 is up yet – – –

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  1. They left out the worst part of the story. Tywin made Tyrion fuck Tysia too, and payed her a gold coin for that, because Lannisters are worth more than common soldiers.

    When Jamie released Tyrion from has cell, he admitted that he had lied. It was not a whore, the girl actually loved Tyrion. That's why he killed Tywin shortly thereafter.

  2. In the books Tysha is Shae and the story is true except that later Jaime tells Tyrion the truth that she wasn’t a prostitute and that Tywin made him lie, Tywin then has her raped by his soldiers for a silver coin each and then he has her have sex with Tyrion and gives her a gold coin because “Lannisters are worth more” then Tyrion then gets furious at Jaime and goes to Tywin and asks what happened to Tysha to which Tywin cals her a whore multiple times and hets shot while taking a shit like in the show.

  3. Shae's actual story, according to the wikis:
    She's from the free city of Lorath. Nothing is known about her mother, but her father wanted to make her his kitchen wench and whore, so maybe she died or left the family – or neither and he was just a dick (kind of reminds me of Mr. Marsh from IT) anyway she escaped him… afterwards nothing else is known until she appears in the camp, but she's been to Dorne and Volantis.


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