The Godfather 2's weird tie-in game | minimme


The Godfather 2's weird tie-in game | minimme

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This game really gave me a new perspective on how the fast food industry works

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  1. thank you for watching yo, if you want more to watch – my reviews of first game + the simpsons game are similarly fascinating games by the same developer 🙂

    Godfather 1 game review:
    Simpsons game review:

  2. 12:38 "only a handful of your businesses are taken" This was absolutely not the case for me and i was waiting for someone to talk about this. Up until that point in the story i took over every business i possibly could and almost ALL my businesses were lost upon that loading screen. I remember my jaw dropped and i thought to myself "did they really just do that to pad the game?!". This was my biggest problem by far. Such a slap in the face for all the effort i put in up to that point/

  3. Surely your decision to make your character look like that broke your immersion in the game.. and effected your experience.. making it seem more silly than developers likely intended..

  4. when i was young i believe this was a better version of the godfather 1 the game, instead i can say that it can't be compared to the incredible gun shoot and cover of the first


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