Sushi House Gameplay Walkthrough 1


Sushi House Gameplay Walkthrough 1

Become a good chef ! An advanced sushi cooker ! Here you can try and learn ! If you are the kind of person that fancy getting to work on some delicious experiments in the kitchen, then this might be just the game for you! a gripping Time Management game with tons of different dishes! Take command of the kitchen and demonstrate the skills of a master chef. Follow the cookbook with real-life recipes and step-by-step instructions!
One of the best cooking games!Sushi House is at your service if you want a break from the routine meals and want something different. Prepare yourself a yummy serving of sushi with the tasty rice, fish and vegetables and flavors of your choice. The chef inside you will love Sushi house and you will learn how to make sushi on the go!

• More than 21 ingredients to cook with, like rice, shrimp, abalone, eel, Octopus, salmon, and more!
• Over 28 recipes to learn and cook!

Even though ‘Sushi House’ is a game for kids, it can be used by parents too. Try Pastry Chef’s recipes at home and surprize your kids with their favorite dessert from the game!

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