Let's Play – The Movies – Part 1

Let's Play – The Movies – Part 1

Let’s build and run a successful movie studio!

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27 thoughts on “Let's Play – The Movies – Part 1

  1. Coff Play!

    oh god, this game i've played this like… 6 years ago? 10 years ago? i don't remember it but this is one of my favourite game but sadly i've lost cd and have no copy of this game….. thx for playing this game bro…. very nostalgic seeing this game again…..

  2. RainbowxWolf

    How did you get this game to run on your computer? I have the original copy for this game and really wanted to play it, but it doesnt seem run well on windows 10. Love your lets plays 🙂

  3. Jose A. Ramirez Moya

    I honestly think that a game like this in 2019 for mobile devices would make the development team loads of money. I'm wondering why it hasn't been made.

  4. Marcus Edwards

    I loved this game after the studio closed in 2016 they founded a new one two point studios and made two point hospital ain’t tried it yet will have to give it a go


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