Arianators, Beliebers, BTS Army & More Go Head to Head in Fan Army Face-Off 2020 | Billboard

Arianators, Beliebers, BTS Army & More Go Head to Head in Fan Army Face-Off 2020 | Billboard

Who is the strongest Fan Army? It’s time to find out in Billboard’s 2020 Fan Army Face-Off! Make sure to cast your vote for round 1 at

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Arianators, Beliebers, BTS Army & More Go Head to Head in Fan Army Face-Off 2020 | Billboard


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40 thoughts on “Arianators, Beliebers, BTS Army & More Go Head to Head in Fan Army Face-Off 2020 | Billboard

  1. K-POP Queen's

    is funny how armys are arrogant and talk about how this is gonna be easy for them but they never win a fan army face-off… anyway, as a gg fan I want Red Velvet, BLACKPINK or TWICE to win this fan army face-off 2020, it would be 6 years in a row for kpop: Super Junior, BIGBANG and the undefeated T-ARA

  2. GISELLE Moreno

    We may have lost army but It don't matter because we are strong and when BTS uploads a new song or album we will fight and it doesn't really matter if we lost beacause it's just a poll that doesn't matter yall haters can celebrate all you want now but you haters better not be surprised that we break records like we did with dynamite and made BTS land on #1 on Billboard

  3. Nadia Flores

    Bueno, vengo aquí después de unos días de que acabo la primera ronda y tengo que informar que BTS no pasó la primera ronda, les gano Lana del Rey

  4. Grace Wecen

    TO ALL OUR ARMY'S💜: they have worked so hard for us each year for more than 9 years now i think we need to give them more love, The billboard top 100 N.1 ment alot to them and us BUT WE NEED TO KEEP ON FIGHTING we have to make this one of the best year of thier life so please army we can all do this together💞

  5. Chelsea Blackman

    I dont understand why some Army is doubting themselves and BTS. This poll was pure bs. All the kpop fandoms conspired together to make sure BTS lost. LAna del rey is not bigger than bts yet but we lost to her. In this second round she is up against Exo and only has 19% of the votes. If BTS was up against Exo without interference, Exo wouldve lost of its based on fan votes. The funny this is, army still kept up even though every one was voting aginst us. We only lost by 10% of the votes. Now lana is being completely obliterated by EXO. That shows how strong ARMY is. Yall haters tried to bring us down, but ARMY is a powerful force of their own and were able to keep the score still somewhat equal. ARMY dont need any one else but ARMY to win a poll yet other kpop fandoms joined together just to take us down. Thats freaking hilarious. So really, whos more powerful. BTS and ARMY. Always and forever.

  6. Lovely bts army

    Yeah bts army deserve it cause all the fandoms is against us so we didn't get to win
    + The strongest fandom doesn't express their strength by this poll 😏😂.


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