9 New Wrestling Games Currently In Development! (WWE, AEW, Yukes & More)


9 New Wrestling Games Currently In Development! (WWE, AEW, Yukes & More)

Even though WWE Games have revealed we won’t be getting a new WWE 2K game this year theres still plenty of wrestling games in production, therefore in today’s video we’re running down 9 different wrestling games that are currently in development, including the likes of WWE 2K21 / WWE 2K22, WWE Battlegrounds, AEW, Chikara, Yukes and a whole lot more!

You can find out more about the games featured by checking out the links below:

WWE Battlegrounds

Retromania Wrestling

Chikara Action Arcade Wrestling

Ultra V Pro Wrestling

Virtual Basement

Mark Out! (Codename: Spot Callerz)

Ruthless Aggression VR

AEW Videogame

WWE 2K21 / WWE 2K22

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  1. Even without a WWE 2K game releasing this year theres still plenty of games in development, therefore in this video we're taking a look at 9 upcoming wrestling games!
    If you want to learn more about the games featured in the video then check out the links in the video description to follow the people behind them 🙂

  2. But the question is, will any of these wrestling games allow us to match more than just human beings? Because In my opinion, it's getting really old to make only human beings. Being able to make dogs cats lions tigers vampires lizards raptors and other creatures would look fantastic.

  3. Aew won't have a game for a good while, and even if they do it'll be full of empty promises and letdowns that get swept under the rug and never mentioned. Much like their God awful women's division kenny will shit out some terrible line like "go and read meltzers review of our game and tell me its bad"

  4. WWE 2K20 gilitch I've ever had was when I was playing myplayer towers and it was a steel cage match. I had Tyler Bate in my submission finisher the dragon sleeper 5. He got out of the hold but in the process suddenly me and Tyler Bate's limb get all noodly and fly around the arena like crazy but then teleport into the ring but my character's body was morphed in to the cage but I manage to get it to where the arm was only stuck. Tyler was stuck on the outside with his arm trapped too. I could climb the cage but unfortunately it was a no exiting. I could climb the cage but I could only climb the side I was trapped in after of climbing, moving, running, and grappling nothing I got my character free. BUT my arm was trapped in the ring mat. I go to Tyler and try to Irish whip him in. I specifically to the bottom right corner. somehow it registers as if I am but instead of him going into the corner it was me. I could map out his movements by which direction is legs were facing. he did a move in the corner on me which I panicked because I thought I was going glitched out even more. Fortunately I didn't. I continued trying which I doubt I could win because there is a time limit on the matches. I threw him back into the corner which i managed to do a move on him i think it was the swinging rope gullioutine but it changed it to a tornado DDT. I threw him into the corner again. I don't know what happened but he reversed me and suddenly it's all back to normal and we teleport to the spot of the ring where he was stuck. I will never forget that glitch. Not trying to purposely advertise myself but if you want to create random people just search ThatOneKid013 and I have tons of people with just face templates made to look like random real people. If you read this far. thank you. I feel like I just typed an essay with this.


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