10 Creepy Side Scroller Games That Will Freak You Out


10 Creepy Side Scroller Games That Will Freak You Out

In this video we take a look at ten creepy side scroller games which are sure to freak you out. You may be wondering what a side scroller is, these are games which typically take on the form of being 2 dimensional or in a 3d space where progression takes place by moving to the left or right of the screen. Most commonly platform or adventure games fall into this category and many horror titles have used this format to create unsettling worlds for players to explore. So let’s dive into a top ten rundown of the creepiest side scrollers out there and why…

Games in this video:
Oddworld Abe’s Odyssey
Heart of Darkness
Neverending Nightmares
Little Nightmares
Lone Survivor

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Music by Kevin MacLeod

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  1. I swear to God Limbo ruined me. Playing the game and actually discovering what the lore is just made me terrified of finding out what really happens in the after life. This game legit made me scared of dying which I am not before.

  2. Matthew Ching - Music Art and Games - · Edit

    Why is Little Misfortune not on the list? 🙁
    I’m Chinese, by the way, and I was surprised to see Detention to be on the list.
    If you translate Detention more directly, it’s called Return School.

  3. What about this game I saw once which is a side scroller I don’t remember it’s name but it’s about a kid that got mad that another kid started living there as another kid so he uses dark magic go get rid of him but then they feel regret so he went after him :>

  4. abe´s odyssey was one of the first games I ever played, my mom used to play it when I was a little child and I always watched her. She gave me the controller and I was soo bad, but I think this just made me prouder when I finally played it all by myself XD

  5. Detention is basically a commentary on Taiwan’s Cold War like environment right after the Chinese Civil War, where the KMT kidnapped and “disappeared” anyone with any political opinions against the nationalist party, particularly pro communist ideals. It was a period of fear and uncertainty, particularly for opinionated young adults like university students.


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